Richard Bucker

Everything is in the cloud - it's all damage control now

Posted at — Sep 16, 2011

There was a time when I was really concerned about what information was “out there”. Then I tried to control that information. And finally I realized it was hopeless. Now it’s just a matter of trying to keep it clean and ongoing damage control. Not that I’ve done anything wrong or embarrassing in my life…The fact remains that the likes of google, yahoo, “social media”, advertisers, and so are… while they might really want my demographic information, spending habits, income, neighbors, surfing habits, they will accept my anonymous information just the same. And I give them plenty of both.The way it works… you visit a website. The site owner has contracted with someone like google for some sort of service. Whether it’s advertising, sales or just some general tracking information it’s not important. That service drops a cookie on your browser. Later, you visit another site. That site contracts with the same service provider… and looks for a cookie that they might have dropped previously. When they find it they can connect the dots.This sort of function is everywhere. It’s in everything we see and do. From the transponders in our cars, cell phones, the GPS in our cameras. It’s everywhere.So why not put everything in the cloud? What is it that I think I can hide? I’m a lawful person and so I’m not going to advertise that I went through a red light, but some day there is going to be an intersection device that is going to register the infractions… made by the car, not necessarily the person.I do not care that I use GMail and Google Docs. That all of my music is in iTunes match/iCloud. That I backup everything to Dropbox and CrashPlan. The information privacy war is over. We lost. Now all we can do is damage control.