Richard Bucker

Executive Summary: Operating Systems

Posted at — May 23, 2022

I hate reading “It’s been a while since my last post” but it has been a while since my last post…

I have a new piece of hardware on it’s way. It’s a miniforumn HX90. And while I’m waiting they already released an update. The HX90G. While the added graphics chips are interesting and more performant I actually do not care much. Maybe it’s why I received a coupon code to save an extra $60.

While I’m waiting for the CPU to arrive I’ve received all of the accessories and I’m ready to assemble. What’s troubling me is trying to decide what to install on it. Should I configure it as a server or a desktop? Should I go Ubuntu, RedHat, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, ChromeOS Flex, NAS or VM.

While I believe strongly in Chickens over Cattle I also have every reservation about the state and nature of trust in the unseen components in modern computers and operating systems.

Lots of CONS

And there are choices

Package managers

Decision tree

I’m reluctant to say it but OpenBSD seems to be the choice and I hope I’m not wrong.

OpenBSD is …

The answer