Richard Bucker

exhaustion in the internet echo chamber

Posted at — Aug 31, 2018

The “echo chamber” is essentially the experience one receives from various service providers where the results they produce are biased toward more of the same. For example if you have pro DNC searches then you’ll see more pro DNC and con GOP results. The mission of the echo chamber is to engage the viewer and keep them connected. But then there are times when I’m exhausted.Exhaustion comes in several levels. Using the politics as an ongoing example; at some point youtube thought that I wanted to watch more The West Wing and The Newsroom.  My recommendations disproportionately included clips from the TV shows rather than real news. So I wonder what happened in the world of data collection that suggested to them that I wanted to watch those shows? There must have been some tipping point by other like minded people but weird at the same time.One thing about The West Wing and The Newsroom is that there were so many nuggets of similarity to our current president’s operation and cabal.The second thing I wander about is that all of that media is copyright. So how is it that someone named bob can capture, clip, publish, and then take a royalty from google as if they produced the work?As for the exhaustion; my question is how do I reset? I do not want to be fed news clips anymore. Nor GOP, not DEM, not TWW, etc… No amount of clicking on pimple popping, hiking gear reviews, or Broadway musicals seems to be having an effect on my echo chamber experience.