Richard Bucker

Facebook events and ticket apps

Posted at — Nov 2, 2016

I would like to add a simple ticketing application to a facebook page but it’s a hot mess. As proof I created a basic facebook event and then navigated back to the page. There are some artifacts in the timeline but nothing that would standout. And when I clicked on the event I was redirected to a page that seemed dedicated to the event with it’s own timeline. There was an opportunity to “buy tickets” and that was a redirect to a 3rd party app of my choosing.What made this unacceptable was that selling tickets to events for this group is all that it would do. The group is a lazy bunch and anything less than runway lights would naturally reduce participation. (it’s a volunteer community)I looked at a few 3rd party facebook apps but it seems they need permissions to take over you account and so on. I understand why but I’m not giving anyone access to anything. And so the search for a ticketing app begins again.