Richard Bucker

Facebook Reply Carefully

Posted at — Jan 5, 2022

I’m not certain where to start this post. Partly because some of the details are old and partly because I really do not care that much. It’s just that Facebook is not free. You are giving it all away.

as a general rule do not reply to facebook posts !!!

Use case #1: this one is not that interesting. You post a cat meme or a video of your baby doing something cute or disgusting and you label it “public”. At this point notifications are sent to your friends… and when any of them comment or like all of their friends get notifications … “and they tell 2 friends and so on and so on” …

Use case #2: At some point in time there is a marketing or social media monitoring business. They want to expend their reach. So they post some image like “1 x 1 = ?” or “Name a ‘FISH’ That does not have a LETTER ‘A’ in it. I bet you can’t ;)” Once you reply to this post, just like the first use case, notifications are send to your friends and followers.

(#1) is really not that terrible. It’s ALMOST why Facebook was created but in the rush to monitize FB and it’s users. FB create API (application program interface) which made it possible for the marketers etc to datamine the respondents to a post.

In (#2) there is a keyword “bet”. I wonder if the marketing companies were trying to elicit responses from people were had a propencity to gamble. And then use that information along with their contact info to send adverts for sports books or fantacy sports sites.

A friend of mine once hypothesized that emails used in phishing attacks were intentionally gramatically incorrect not because the attacker was stupid but because they were trying to eliminate smart or reasonable people. Asking people to identify the next number in a sequence is a typical IQ test question.

So stop replying to anything that isn’t a baby vomit video.