Richard Bucker

Fad alert - bulletproof coffee or butter coffee

Posted at — Dec 13, 2018

I have a sample pack of this stuff called know brainer. I’ve tried the 3 coffee and 1 hot chocolate flavor packets and it’s been a meh experience. I imagine I’d get the same experience by just adding a pat of butter to my coffee. But while they call it grass fed butter the coffee does develop a grass or fibrous type chew. I do not matter it much so long as it works.

Looking at my inventory I decided to see what I would for an upcoming trip and that’s when I discovered the FAIL. 14 packets for $29 Ghee and MCT. 30 servings for $30 just the MCT, What a mess!

The When Harry met Sally class of meal customization already drives me crazy… why would I want to hear:

These remind me of the skip that either Robin Williams or Steve Martin did about the “half calf latte”.  Just not for me.