Richard Bucker

Falicy of 10x Programmers

Posted at — Aug 20, 2021

I’m a pretty good programmer. There was a time when I thought enough of myself to think I was a 10x programmer and I’d faceoff against anyone. Now 35 years have passed and managers are considering low-code and no-code platforms… the metric is just plain wrong.

First of all the metric is wrong. What MBAs are really looking for is a solution to the three legged stool trying to get fast, cheap and reliable software in front of the people who need it. The would be 10x’er knows a few things that most don’t.

But the one thing they do not take into consideration and is probably the most harmful to the process is corporate culture. There was a time when I worked for a mega-corp. I was not in the mainstream but I delivered 10x when compared to the mainframe programmers. The thing it they were encumbered by decades of corporate policy and my team was a rouge band of geeks solving geek like problems. Since fewer MBAs thought of us a magic we got away with a lot more.

all of that has chainged now. The MBAs went to ninja classes and they are restricting the work again.

The future seems to be moving to low/zero code but it’s going to be renamed in some fashion. It’s still a DSL but in order to do the work it’ll have to be extendable… Sure you can use MS Word to create a website but do you really want to?