Richard Bucker

Fast fashion of code

Posted at — Nov 27, 2019

fast fashion

Not to be compared to counterfeit; Fast Fashion (FF) is the act of knocking off a designer fashion items by having raw materials on hand, cheap and excess manufacturing capacity and a very efficient supply chain. The thing that PA points out is that this trend has had some side effects.

Just a few years ago people would buy 2 new clothing items per year but with FF they are buying 65. This also means people are discarding clothing after having worn them just a few times. PA goes on to say that the materials and the manufacturing process uses excessive water and non-renewable materials. And that’s the rub.

A lot of clothing is donated and a majority simply makes it’s way through the system and is simply burned. The FF companies are marketing themselves as environmental but it’s a sham. Examples include “recycled” they they are referring to tag and not the clothing.

Sadly PA did not offer any solutions but it is interesting in light of “minimalism” changes I’ve made in my wardrobe. While I have a number of bags of clothing ready for donation I’m not sure if donation is the right thing. Possibly recycling is the better choice?