Richard Bucker

Fedora Is No Red Hat

Posted at — Nov 16, 2020

I said the same thing about CentOS… Fedora is not Red Hat.

Both Fedora and CoreOS have great reputations but should you risk your business on them? People see Fedora as the free Red Hat desktop compared to CentOS as the Server… but the funny thing is that Fedora has many different offerings including IoT, Server, Atomic, CoreOS and Silverblue. What’s interesting is that Fedora CoreOS is sourced from Red Hat when Red Hat acquired CoreOS.

So if Fedora is not Red Hat how did Fedora get the source to CoreOS.

PS: CoreOS is interesting… as emerging OS' go. The challenge is that CoreOS expects to orchestrate Docker containers and so it does not have a package manager of it’s own. If you need to install some code then you need to build it in Docker and find a way to export it… and install it in some workable path that might be writable.

Anyway… still need to see where the risk is. I just do not like the gaphical installer that is hard to govc although I think they support anaconda.