Richard Bucker

Fire OS and Android

Posted at — Nov 28, 2019

The relationship between Amazon’s FireOS and Google’s Android OS is probably very complicated. And while there is probably some very timid program/product managers at Amazon that refuse to keep pace with Android they are just not paying attention.

Amazon… pay attention !!!

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You have a nice piece of hardware while I do not know what the compatibility issues might be under the covers. You have a great price and a useful case although the price more than compensates for the discount on the hardware.

While I’ not a fan of Flutter and Dart it is making some progress. If developers could leverage that platform and deploy on your store you’d capture even more marketshare. Here’s the thing…. in my house my daughters keep destroying their iPads and I just do not have the money to keep replacing them. They use the iPad for a few educational games, facetime, minecraft, roblox, and some other social games, movies and music. WE/THEY are trapped on iPad because of facetime.

The “kids” mode is just not good enough. [a] for the reasons above [b] the curated content is too restrictive in some ways.

And my kids want phones next. If you had a FireOS phone with an experience that was similar to the tablet… you’d capture content and eyeballs.

Are you still listening?

Think about a kid’s mode Amazon shopping experience…. “mom I want a new pair of jeans… how about these?” or “can I have this teddy bear fr xmas?”