Richard Bucker

First Impressions Ubuntu Snappy

Posted at — Feb 17, 2015

There are a number of nix based appliance OS' out there. Some of my favorites include CoreOS, NixOS, SmartOS, ProjectAtomic … I could include the unikernels too but I am not. The latest team to enter the space is Ubuntu Snappy.Installing snappy on my OSX machine with VirtualBox and Vagrant was a modest success, however, getting to the next step was a serious challenge. Installing docker was easy enough:sudo snappy install dockerhowever the default system seemed to be missing vim so I was unable to edit the /etc/hosts file in order to correct a host not found error when snappy was referring to itself by hostname. When I tried to install vim I received an error that vim could not be found.I was pleased with the 5 second boot time and the snappy script felt simple and natural, however, ¬†overall it’s still a bit of a square peg. I’m hoping they do a better job in the near future.