Richard Bucker

First look at CoreOS Rocket

Posted at — Dec 7, 2014

I just completed an internal blog post as part of a Docker/CoreOS introduction and at the same time I decided to read the available Rocket documentation. While I have not executed the examples one thing that caught my eye was that [a] the target application was a fully baked statically linked Go app. [b] while the manifest file indicated it was a Linux container it said nothing about the actual OS.

This is actually an interesting idea since [a] most containers are just running a user app or some single purpose service. [b] that service probably does not need anything more than just itself. So why on earth would I need all the cruft associated with selecting an OS and version.

When I consider the workflow it seems that it’s missing some tools that the CoreOS team seems to have deferred to Docker and/or the host. It’s not even clear whether or not the base CoreOS is base enough to build the Rocket container instances.  And as such when are they going to establish that Trust?