Richard Bucker

Five more Cs of Survival

Posted at — Jul 7, 2016

This should be short.  I’ve decided to criticize Dave Canterbury’s 10 C’s of Survival. Basically his C’s. The first 5 on his list are the same as everyone else’s.cutcordagecombustioncontainercoverBut then he addedcandlecottoncompasscargo tapecanvas needleWhile Dave’s do not add much weight to any BOB (bug out bag) it is kinda redundant. The candle and cotton are part of combustion and so are specific examples. Cargo tape could be considered the same as cordage and a canvas needle could be constructed in the field and frankly I’m not sure what you might need it for.The real interesting one is the compass. If you take Alan’s advice from season 1 of ALONE. He says that navigation during survival is more about knowing where your resources than it is about exact direction. And if you have the time you can always determine north the old fashioned way.