Richard Bucker

Flow Based Programming (FBP)

Posted at — Jan 13, 2016

I have been a fan of FBP since I watched the first kickstarter video for noflo. Forget the metrics associated with CSV imports I saw a much bigger solution for a very real problem. My only objection was that noflo was implemented in javascript/coffeescript and while not unfamiliar was not going to take me where I needed to go which was writing complex server applications in addition to UX. I was finally able to implement a Flow based framework in golang which is now the basis for a number of applications including a reporting DSL, payment gateway transactions, and a few webapps.While I was doing some reading for a client I found myself reviewing Meteor thinking that it might be a good framework for them… which then triggered my noflow memories. I went back to noflo and flowhub only to discover that they are not making much progress. The changelog suggests that they are in maintenance mode. I’m pretty sure that while FlowHub was supposed to be a PAAS (similar to Meteor’s Galaxy) it turned into some other sort of platform which looked more like shopify than a hosted FBP. Furthermore the noflow commit log is also pretty slow.Flow Based Programming rocks! In my experiments I have been able to implement the “steps” much the way someone might implement regular methods, however, having a framework to stitch it all together means that error trapping, metrics, reuse can be global.