Richard Bucker

Flutter on MAC

Posted at — Sep 20, 2019

Step one…. buy a new and latest Apple Mac. If you cannot afford that then refurbish your own previously owned Mac…. but make sure you have 16GB ram.2) download(takes 45 minutes or more) and install XCode… you should have a dev user license and everything that goes with that. install your development account.#3) download the Android studiod) download the flutter SDK. extract the flutter folder from the zip file and move it to some place safe…. I use HOME/dev/flutter.  Then update the bashrc or bash_profile and add the flutter/bin to the’s not enough to install these tools you need to launch them so they complete the installation and download of dependent tools….v) launch/install android studio, install the flutter and dependent plugins then restart the IDESIX) flutter doctor -v and then flutter doctor -v –android-licenses7] install the cocoapods(takes 20 - 30 minutes):  sudo gem install cocoapods && pod setup(VIII) I installed VSCode because there are too many cool people out there… just another stupid system to manage… just hoping that it’s better than android studio… need a turbo pascal for android.9. in the terminal window ‘cd’ to the project folder and ‘flutter pub get'io. try a build/run   “flutter run”.  AHA no devices…. could be a sim or the real thing. In this case I brought the wrong cable with me and so I need to try the sim.  Since this is a Mac the sim has to be driven by XCode. Once the sim is running then try the command again.… this is the place where thins went bad last time.  ‘flutter run’ does some crazy compile functions… and for one the cocoapods/swift_version was not specified. And then there was a missing platform selection.ElEvEn - clone your code repo and then try to run it…. maybe create a new flutter project and see if it’ll run12) update the ios/Podfile add the swift_version and uncomment out the platform number… then  ‘cd ios && pod update’ and then ‘flutter run'Friday the 13th) change the deployment to something that makes senseLove ya) check the deployment version.. (ios deployment version). This kinda sucks because in any flutter program it appears that there are between 20 and 30 pods…3x5) after all that I’m back to a similar error… “'device_id/device_id-Swift.h’ file not found” There are no helpful tip in the goog. The closest was “flutter clean” && “pod install” in the ios folder. then a build. but that did not work. Unfortunately the flutter clean reverted all of the pod overrides I performed in (14).NOTES-  running flutter on a MBA with an android device means you need a USB-A cable… so that the right controller and drivers connect to the phone. Flutter does not know how to identify a USB-C device. (android) of course.- I have yet to find any documentation but all of the docs so far talk about android and so all the ios stuff is second class. As yet I have not been able to locate docs that explain how to generate/deploy flutter for ios. The best I have seen suggests that once the project is working (sim or real android) then you have to massage the code in XCode. But still trying…<16> I thought I installed the xcoce cli tools… but there was a hint: ‘xcode-select –install’ (I cannot imagine why a small app would take 15 minutes to install)p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 11.0px Menlo; color: #000000} span.s1 {font-variant-ligatures: no-common-ligatures} OPTIONALa) download and install docker desktop… may require free credentialsb) download and install fossil…c) install VPN certs and tunnelblick