Richard Bucker

Flutter is rough

Posted at — Nov 28, 2019

I put my demo flutter project down for about a month and then tried to restart the project yesterday. The result of which … [1] had to upgrade xcode [2] upgrade android studio [3] upgrade fluter/dart [4] upgrade the pubspec and flutter packages … only to find that the project had some new holes. [a] could no longer use the map on the iPhone [b] the firebase datastore was missing [c] at least one event no longer worked across platforms.

Some time ago I tried to get my code to operate on a FireOS device but it was so old that the minimum OS version requirements did not allow it to function. I have a new model on it’s way so there is a chance I can try again.

UPDATE - I passed on an article currated on GOOGLE that suggested flutter was not so good. ALSO I’ve read at lease one other article that was critical of the number of bugs and flaws in flutter.