Richard Bucker

Forced Pomodoro

Posted at — Jan 23, 2012

I was in the middle of writing and testing my CRUD-fest article when it occurred to me that the evaluation versions of IntelliJ, PyCharm and RubyMine might actually be better than the paid-for version. Granted it’s not English to use the eval version and not pay for it but an American might split hairs a little while longer.For the record I am preparing a purchase order but I might continue to use the eval version. That’s because the eval version pops up with a warning every 30 minutes. And every 30 minutes you have to restart the IDE. Now I’m not a fan of IDEs because they hide so much from you in terms of the full stack, however, they are pretty good when it comes to productivity when you want to concentrate on code and not framework. I’m also not a big fan of using Java or the JVM unless it’s packaged with the IDE; but that’s off topic.The fact that I have to restart the IDE every 30 minutes means I have a better concept of time. I have a moment to catch my breath in order to focus on the next 30 minutes. The only thing I’m not certain of is whether it’s going to close my files before it turns itself off. All in all, even after I pay for it I might have to continue to use the eval version.