Richard Bucker

Foul on Fowler

Posted at — Nov 5, 2018

I like Fowler. He was a solid contestant in Alone and a solid family man but when he got home things changed dramatically. When we were introduced to him he was essentially “off grid”. Now that he’s the winner and home he said something to the effect “I have to get a job now”. Living off grid was clearly subsistence living and now he needed to make some real cash… so he started a website and traded on his celebrity. I cannot blame him especially since he was making choices that worked.But then this video. Granted it’s not really¬†product placement but more of an opinion piece, however, it’s wrong and will only point noobs in the wrong direction.<iframe allowfullscreen=" class=“YOUTUBE-iframe-video” data-thumbnail-src=“" frameborder=“0” height=“266” src=“" width=“320”>Let me point out some of the problems with the hammock Fowler:The hammock works when there are treesThe shape of the tarp is less functional on the ground configurationHis pack is pretty small and does not seem to include a ground sheet or a mattress if you have to sleep on the ground.Also no poles of any kind.And the tent Fowler:The door for the tent is not perpendicular to the ground therefore the surface area suggests it will catch more rainThe door was pointed toward the rainthe tent could have been pitched in the woods offering more coverSome tents allow you to pitch the rainfly firstOnce the tent was pitched he should have drained the water outNo reason not to include a lightweight tarp to keep the water away while setting up the tentThe log?? site selection is everything and clearing the site is everything else. If that log were under the hammock and it slipped you’d be seriously hurt.Part of why this Fowler suffered was because he was not wearing rain gear. A poncho doubling as a tarp would have worked.I like Fowler but this is a foul.