Richard Bucker

Freelance IT / Programmer Consumerism

Posted at — Jun 23, 2012

A few days ago I came across this article and as I ponder some of the projects I’m working on, clients and missed opportunities I’ve realized a few and important facts.Every SOHO and small to medium business out there depends on computers and software just as much as they depend on electricity and the dial tone. So it’s a wonder to me why many of these businesses do not hire companies like DockYard. Not to implement some critical or non-critical application at $120 - $250/hr or $4,000 - $7,000/wk or more. But as a resource to make sure that the High School kid, summer intern, or college CS major does a good job or gets a solid background or framework to begin with.I’m not trying to take jobs away from this cadre of would-be future Zucks; I’m trying to say that you, as a business owner depend on your systems and applications to keep your operating costs down and your productivity up. So when your systems are buggy, damaged, or down you’re losing money through failure to convert a customer, loss of a customer, or increased support costs. So it is your best interest to take that into consideration the next time you have to build and deploy a critical application based on the experience of a hello world level of experience.PS: This editorial was paid for advertisement for the services of Florida Freelance IT LLC. I hope you’ll consider me for your next project.