Richard Bucker

From the WTF was I thinking folder

Posted at — Nov 23, 2017

Ultralight ounce counters are out of their minds. They spend many multiples more on gear and consumables just to get the title “Ultralight” when there is clearly a spot on the curve between light weight and cost. Keep in mind I’m not suggesting carrying a full roll of Gorilla tape or 750ml of Campsoap… it’s really about knowing what you plan to do and what a practical resupply looks like.For example, repackaging a pump bottle of hand sanitizer is a waste because at the first resupply you’ll have to buy what they are selling. The last thing you ant to do is buy in bulk and then discard 75% of the bottle because it won’t fit in your package.I thought this packaging was going to be a good idea. The smallest bottle in the front is Neosporin. WTF was I thinking? I’ve been using it daily and having access to the tube would make more sense. I’ve repackaged some soap, shampoo, and bug spray. Only the shampoo made sense because I packaged it for my daughters and we never used it since it was only a weekend.I bought in bulk… but it’s only meaningful for long weekends not a thru hike.I have collections of bottles that I’ll never use. What a waste… besides the shampoo, campsoap… and denatured alcohol.