Richard Bucker

F*ck OpenBSD; OpenBSD Sucks

Posted at — Jun 2, 2022

There is an annual traditional youtube video titled something like ‘Linux Sucks’. The author rants for about 45 minutes telling us all that is wrong with Linux. It’s an entertaining time and I remember coming out very pro linux and con windows and mac os. I almost feel the same way now…

Linux still sucks except when it doesn’t

The latest revelations of bad actors and ransomeware attacks against ESXi have convinced me that I need a new plan. For about the last 2 weeks I have been trying to get an OpenBSD 7.1 desktop like DWM or CWM to work and frankly it’s just a pain in the ass. OpenBSD works out of the box on most systems… but frankly I simply have no time for the useless crap that requires hours upon hours to configure and run.

One of the reasons I like ChromeOS is because I can do just about everything I need to. Sure, there are still plenty of weaknesses not to mention some impeadence mismatch between system admins but the reality is that it just works. The sad part is that most manufacturers charge too much for the hardware.

Today’s Linux forces me to remember installing Windows because it was the only way to get shit done

moving on…