Richard Bucker

G00V00 and G00V00P000

Posted at — Feb 16, 2015

The IBM mainframe OS/JCL implemented a file versioning system named G00V00 or something like that. In today’s dotted version numbers they’d need to add a P0000 to keep track of the patch number too. Considering that IBM only allowed for two digits I wonder if that was 00-99 or 00-FF and whether 99 versions of the same file was sufficient before skipping to the next generation? In today’s world we commit code whether it’s ready or not leaving the build system to determine whether the code is ready or not. In this model patch numbers are ever increasing. Also, with the dotted numbering scheme performing proper numeric ordering is not as simple as a lexical string compare.If I get to implementing my design for flow based programming by storing the code in a DB then G00V00 and possibly P0000 might makes sense.QUESTION: Does anyone have some links to the original docs?