Richard Bucker

Gaming Disney Vacations

Posted at — Jul 28, 2014

Getting the best price from the Disney Vacation Company is a game and one that is designed for you to lose but I wonder how many people never even try because it’s so expensive and difficult.Just because Disney posts a price that does not mean it’s the best or final lowest price. Partly you have to be in the right place at the right time and you need to have be lucky enough to get one of whatever budget they allocated. Much the way the airlines set prices there is a portion of the rooms or tickets that seem to be allocated for discount rates and everyone else pays full price or possibly some other rate.In 2014 DVC offered a Discovery ticket that was about $39/day for a 3 or 4 day ticket. The ticket was only on sale from January to June and expired in June 2014.Doing some ticket price searching I found some Orlando businesses who were selling one-day tickets at $39/day but I have no idea if they are real or what other limits the tickets had. There was a 3 day ticket but you were limited to the same park for all three days.There is a magic your way ticket but that’s not much of a discount; not even when linked to a resort or a package.There is a AAA option too but the resident savings only amounted to an additional $5/day.Resort pricing, is similarly, all over the place.Disney needs to find a better way to sell their unique product. Some people just want to buy their tickets and get on line at the park. Having to work hard to get the right price when the price might not even be available make Disney unattainable. Money is the object!