Richard Bucker

Gas Prices

Posted at — Sep 1, 2022

The day after this experience I watched a YT video on gas (auto fuel). Essentially the narrator said that it only costs a few pennies extra to make “high test” fuel and yet the fuel companies charge as much as $1 or more.

follow the money

The fuel companies were taken to congress to explain themselves and they said it was because of advertising. Have you ever seen an advertisement for regular or leaded? I didn’t think so.

Back to my story; I was at the gas station yesterday when I put in my credit card and started pumping gas. I never made the fuel grade selection but the pump made it for me. And it was the super premium grade, of course.

So as I think about government controlling gas prices it’s still a shell game of sorts. Whatever savings we might get for regular seems to have been shifted to the premium. The good news is that many cars simply do not need premium. So take the savings. I’m not sure how it works but some cars will burn anything.