Richard Bucker

GDC - gerber daily carry

Posted at — Jun 24, 2016

I really like my Ganzo. It was a recommendation made by Joe Robinet. In the meantime I  have destroyed the blade trying to freehand sharpen it… and I’ve also managed to partially recover the blade; but that’s another story. In the meantime I wanted a second blade preferably one with a glass break but the only vendor on Amazon is taking weeks to deliver. So I’ve given up on them.Fast forward I was also looking for a US made EDC and Gerber is one of those quintessential US brand names. They are also branding Bear Grylls a decidedly non-american. But Les Stroud was taken and also non-American. And so was born GDC. Gerber Daily Carry.My understanding is the green ring is part of the GDC branding and as such there may be a few things missing here like the money clip. I’ll not be reviewing the Gerber website. So let’s look at these items.belt tool- I guess it’s for the person who wants to be branded GDC. The buckle and the belt are integrated. And since there is such a high contrast between the tool and the buckle your tool is not very stealthyThe zipper pull tools are just that. I suppose the knife or flashlight would work with my car key because I do not have a key ring but that thread is very thin and WILL work it’s way off any keyring. I have yet to discover if or why I might need all 4 and where I would put them. By the time I attached them to my keyring I might as well get a Victorinox or a Leatherman.The hook knife seems very sensible so long as it stays in it’s sheath until called into action. I’m not sure how well it works when needed to cut a seat-belt and you have RF ignition. Deciding where to put your keys could be critical.I like my Victorinox pocket knives. I usually keep it in my pocket with my wallet. I never put it in the pocket with my phone because the knife’s metal parts could scratch the screen. So the Gerber folding pocket knife is practical in that it’s rubberized with not exposed metal parts and it has a much larger blade. ** there is a money clip, not pictured, without considering the blade and the sheath the money clip is very think.In conclusion I think this line of products is a dud. The best two items are are not any more functional than my existing tools which include a tweezers and a toothpick.