Richard Bucker

Get Marshmallow now?

Posted at — Oct 22, 2015

I’m not sure what the right way to install Android 6 but this is the broad outline of the steps I performed. Also I have no idea what the long term repercussions are. Good luck to me.WARNING you are on your own if you decide to do anything I describe hereGoogle’s instructions make certain recommendations:latest Android SDKmeans installing the Android Developer Studio; and if you’re like me and you refuse to install Java then you’ll need version 7 or betterLatest Android ImageNow for the phone:put the Nexus 6 in developer modeenable OEM unlockpower-off the phoneconnect the phone to your computerquick boot the phone (volume down+power)OEM unlockselect YES; then press the power button (WARNING; going to delete everything and reboot)once the phone reboots you’ll have to unzip the Android 6 imagemake sure fastboot is in the pathrun had run out of the house before this step finished so I do not know if there was a reboot. I imagine there was)now do a normal init.So now things are wonky. And have me bothered.the phone would not lock without a purgethe phone remained in developer mode (turning it off was ok, but still squirrely)the phone also had OEM unlock enabled (could not disable without a purge)I’m pretty certain everything restored ok… it took almost 60 minutes to restore my apps. Seemed kinda long.I think my biggest concern is that the ATT splash page is still running and the dancing balls is still booting the firmware instead of the spinning circles.So I do not know if I’ve created a franken-phone or if it’s ready for primetime.