Richard Bucker

Get Marshmallow now?

Posted at — Oct 22, 2015

I’m not sure what the right way to install Android 6 but this is the broad outline of the steps I performed. Also I have no idea what the long term repercussions are. Good luck to me.

WARNING you are on your own if you decide to do anything I describe here
Google’s instructions make certain recommendations:

Now for the phone:
  1. put the Nexus 6 in developer mode
  2. enable OEM unlock
  3. power-off the phone
  4. connect the phone to your computer
  5. quick boot the phone (volume down+power)
  6. OEM unlock
  7. select YES; then press the power button (WARNING; going to delete everything and reboot)
  8. once the phone reboots you’ll have to 
  9. unzip the Android 6 image
  10. make sure fastboot is in the path
  11. run
  12. (I had run out of the house before this step finished so I do not know if there was a reboot. I imagine there was)
  13. now do a normal init.
So now things are wonky. And have me bothered.
  • the phone would not lock without a purge
  • the phone remained in developer mode (turning it off was ok, but still squirrely)
  • the phone also had OEM unlock enabled (could not disable without a purge)
  • I’m pretty certain everything restored ok… it took almost 60 minutes to restore my apps. Seemed kinda long.
  • I think my biggest concern is that the ATT splash page is still running and the dancing balls is still booting the firmware instead of the spinning circles.
So I do not know if I’ve created a franken-phone or if it’s ready for primetime.