Richard Bucker

Getting to Zero Downtime

Posted at — Jun 24, 2013

Minimizing Disruptions triggered an immediate reaction; “inconceivable” (Princess Bride). What I’m reacting to is the realization that removing 100% of all possible disruptions is impossible. From the power grid to the first instruction of the first application or service there is a deep stack that we assume is always there and functioning.As I further consider erlang’s mantra of “no defensive code” I realize that everything from the moment the power is turned on, network ready, through to the launching of the application; none of it has a “defensive state”. And so I recant my position on erlang’s mantra. Now I will “start with nothing and add it as needed (as observed in the fractal dimension) as a defensive layer rather than defensive state”.As for minimizing disruptions as it applies to deploying applications and new features. That simply depends on the complexity of what is being deployed. (yet another fractal dimension).