Richard Bucker

GitHire - novel but nothing new

Posted at — Jan 12, 2012

I’m getting tired of this subject. GitHire is trying to get employers and candidates that they have a better way. But for one, candidates don’t care how GitHire works because it’s the employer that’s going to make the call and the employer… well let’s just hope they are not naive enough to spend $500.GitHire uses GitHub’s APIs. This gives them access to all sorts of project data. But it’s all meaningless. there are a million programmers but they program JavaScript and Ruby (see You better not be looking for an erlang programmer. besides, what about all the exceptional programmers that use BitBucket or their projects are private or maybe they don’t use any DVCS. just how do they determine “exceptional”? Lines of Code, Check-ins … we talked about these metrics and gaming the system in CS101. code reviews? But wait, they said they don’t do code reviews. The fact that they got your creds from GitHub means that they’ve seen your code. resumes are obsolete. Really? The resume is your analog profile. So unless you like blind dates or being fixed up with your couples friends you gotta say something. And just because some people fluff their resume… that’s what the interview is for.There are no shortcuts for getting a new job or finding qualified candidates. You have to present your best work, be humble yet confident, creative and interesting. And that goes for the candidate too. Some day I will have to write “the job seeker’s bill of rights”, and it would look something like: we will read your resume and verify it’s accuracy we will talk candidly to your references we will talk to you about you and your past, present and future we will talk to you about your values You will be interviewed by suitable staff members from Human Resources, and management in your department. You will never be interviewed by potential peers.I’m sure this list needs to be refined but it’s a start.