Richard Bucker

glow in the dark

Posted at — Nov 11, 2018

Several years ago we had a peeping tom in the neighborhood. I discovered him by accident when I tried to get into a schedule when walking the dog. One night I say the peeper, before I knew he was a peeper, walk around my block except that in the time it took me to get around the block he had only walked 3 houses. At that moment I was suspicious but not enough to call the cops.My good friend and neighbor liked walking with a flashlight and so I started to also. (they had moved by then). That’s when I started to notice this peeper. He was walking at the same time every night and down my street. One night I caught him between the homes immediately in front of my house. Flashlight in hand I called out and was very loud. I did everything I could to draw attention to the situation… except I left my phone in the house.So now I carry my phone and flashlight.Tonight, as I was walking the dog I grabbed my oLight. Only to realize I only use it intermittently and that if I were to drop it I might not see it. I’d have to rely on my cell phone flash light. Not bad but not great. And what happens on the trail. When I went camping last week I used a headlamp. All was fine and there was plenty of ambient light in the camp. But if I were in the everglades and off to pee some place that would really suck to be in the dark…From now on I’m going to have my backup with me. It is a flashlight that has a glow in the dark shell and a swiss army knife that also glows. So if I use it it will glow and I will find it.