Richard Bucker

GMail wins over Apple Mail : 1 - ziparoony

Posted at — Feb 24, 2012

It does not matter how I got here but it’s enough to say that I have several custom domains and I serve their email using gmail. Given that I have multiple desktops and mobile devices keeping my email clients in sync has been a challenge using Apple Mail. So I stopped. filled part of the void because it supported multiple active accounts. But as I discovered today the killer app was missing.I was starting to retry Apple’s iCloud again… as I mentioned (sort of). Anyway I started tweaking my email settings again and that’s when I started to reconsider Apple Mail. It had been running for the better part of the day when I was about to cut the cord to my browser based email client. If I closed my gmail window I was going to look my google voice client.Sure I use Skype, Google Voice and my cell phone but there is no one device that I use regularly. And in this case if I abandoned gmail in the browser then I lose my voice. Simple as that. Winner Google.