Richard Bucker

GMOs in the food supply

Posted at — Jun 13, 2015

I have no idea what the real motivation is for companies like Monsanto other than the profit motive. If the human race was on a head’s down course for an extinction event I could understand why we might modify the food supply in order to give the human race the opportunity to catch up and recover. But making changes for the sake of change or profit is just so very wrong.Some day we might learn that GMOs are worse than smoking and that the human race is now speeding toward an extinction event. At least with smoking one could quit, asbestos, mold or lead paint one could re-mediate to safety. Once GMOs and other super-gene strains make it into the food supply we will not be able to stop imitates life; there was a lifetime show where the antagonist was food company who owned some custom engineered plants that had germinated into a nearby farm which they were now embroiled in legal action because the food was migrating (infecting the neighboring farms) I really hope these labs know what they are doing. I certainly challenge them to do the right thing and be transparent.