Richard Bucker

'go get' private libraries

Posted at — Mar 11, 2015

It’s early in my investigation, however, when collecting packages that my project depends on by calling the go get command in the go toolkit… I get an error because the package is private and is protected by an account username and password. Ratts. ┬áThe only way to get around this is going to be setting the github and bitbucket configuration with my credentials. Of course that means leaving plenty of breadcrumbs as I go get the public libraries.The good news is that the private library in question is in my own private repo. It’s just not any fun.I think the fossil community needs two projects. (1) get the go build tools to work with fossil. Whether that’s implementing a shim so that fossil responds like a git repo or (2) by adding the native commands to the go tools so that they can work as-is.The fossil scm is awesome. If paired with go we could see yet another renaissance. There is something to be said for “the unix way” but when combined in a “turbo” way it’s just a new level of goodness.