Richard Bucker

go or gb

Posted at — Sep 11, 2019

“turtles on top of turtles”. The challenge for a programming language has always been it’s documentation and tools. Back in the day updates were so infrequent that producers actually copied disks and printed documentation. We also got used to the idea that we have to make it work and sometimes we’d have to buy or build tools to round out the project.In modern times publishers just throw crap over the fence to see what sort of market share they can capture and many time rely on 3rd parties to fill in the gaps. (see android development kit). One of the weaknesses that became very opinionated in the golang world was the implementation of vendoring. It’s a sticky bit but ultimately important because golang depends on 3rd party libraries to smooth out the bottom rung of the ladder.Enter Dave Cheney and gb. It’s opinionated, buggy, needs a steward, …but frankly I can live without it.One thing I like about building a DSL is that I can detatch the project from the code and dependencies.