Richard Bucker

Going for a walk

Posted at — May 19, 2016

SCENARIO:  I’m glamping and I’ve decided to take my 6 year old daughter for short hike.  Let’s say one hour out. (let’s be perfectly clear; I’m not going to participate myself or take my family on a survivor or survival hike, day, weekend or training. I’m leaving that for the professionals, nuts, and minutes before the zombie-nado arrives)This is how I would prepare for a walk:drinking water (1 day per person)cooking waterprecooked noodles, butter, parm cheesedehydrated meal of some kind that I can reuse the cooking water forpistachios and other trail nuts and raisinsgranola barssolo stove and pot, utensils, cupslightweight tarpemergency ponchos and/or blanketcordagebowie knife and pocket knifeswedish fire steel, fatwood (egg carton, lint, cotton, wax)compassfirst aid kit, cellphone with full charge, emergency radio, emergency beacontoilet paper or moist wipes.favorite stuffed animalyour notes: 5 C’s, rule of 3’sSince we are two people, even though she’s 6, we should have two packs and just a little redundancy. for example two tarps, divide the cordage, divide the water.And the most important?the good sense to know when to drop everything and carry her back to campDon’t forget:plan the routetell a friend and set limits for return