Richard Bucker

Going Full Chrome Os Programmer

Posted at — May 7, 2020

I watch ChromeOS unboxing videos from time to time and many just frustrate me bcause many simply do not get it. Let’s start from the end. I have a pre-covid thriving software company and all I use are a could of top end Intel Nuc computers with as many cores and RAM as I can get, a Synology NAS which can substitute a NextCloud, and I use a two screen ChromeOS desktop and laptop.

While I have used VMware it’s not necessary. The same for Docker. Granted there are times when my clients ask me to deploy on a particular target OS then I might have to make certain arrangements but the thing is none of it truly free and it’s ging to cost you in the end.

There are a few things to know but the first thing is that the target machines need to be able to reboot in seconds and not minutes. That means system upgrades are not gong to cost you a ton of downtime. While docker and k8s are interesting they are layers on the host OS… same for VMware. It’s just slow on top of slow.

It’s a slim and fast installation and does not cost that much to operate. And a net savings compared to similar VPS setups.

So what does my desktop loop like?

On the left screen I have:

On the right screen:


I’ll continue my rant on programming languages some other day.