Richard Bucker

Going Tiny

Posted at — Jun 24, 2020

Back in the day, circa 1980s, Borland started the Turbo language craze. Their languages and tools were not overly complicated but good enough to get real work accomplished. One of the projects I worked on was a long filename filemanager based on DOS written in Turbo Pascal. The simple COM file could be integrated into DOS.

Yesterday I watched a presentation comparing and contrasting the ARM and Intel processors. Their design, past and their future. It essentially comes down to…

So looking back at my current project load… tiny is the way to go.

Honorable mention…

But what about…

git is intended for millions of lines of code and many thousands of programmers.

Micro Kernel vs Monolithic Kernel? This has it’s place… but I worked on IBMs Microkernel development and it was a mess. Phds missed a lot of details which they evenetually implemented… The challenge is that “we” need to be able to trace execution. The idea of adhoc replacing functions means that the results may never be reproducable. This same issue exists in erlang.

Tiny is not micro.