Richard Bucker

golang and fossil

Posted at — Mar 15, 2019

Here I am tethered to my phone because my ISP has failed. The challenge I face is that all of my development hardware is in the same office with me. And while a MiFi type device (with RJ45 connectors exist and would be useful there are practical limits to bandwidth, data, cost and then there is whatever services I’m providing.In my DEV environment I have 4x 32GB Intel NUCs. Two are running VMware, one is a DEV machine where I edit and run the DEV code. I have gitlab, mattermost, and QA running on another host. And a few other tools here and there including haproxy and traefik. I’d say it’s a mess but it’s feature packed.Each of the NUCs cost about $700 and are only partially utilized and the cost of power and any interruption of service. 32GB of ram at DigitalOcean costs $160.  Cloud services are not perfect but I have had services running for many years without an outage. Proper cloud hardware will survive a host hardware crash where a host crash on a NUC will take many hours to repair assuming some amount of luck or planning but mostly luck. I’m not exactly certain how the cloud providers allocate their public IP pool, however, they usually have diverse and redundant routing providing many levels of reliable communication that would come at a great expense for a SOHO.Today is yet another day when I lost service. I’m writing this post while tethered to my phone. The challenge is that my DEV and QA environments are off the air because I do not have a way for my NUCs (connected to the wired LAN) to get to the internet with the same IP my ISP provides.