Richard Bucker

Golang Is Stupid

Posted at — Aug 12, 2020

Today I find myself sighing with the stupidity that is golang. I appreciate that any new language has to have a level of granularity that makes geeks happy and another level of granularity where real work get’s done.

A couple of days ago I was reading an article about highspeed file copy Reading 16GB File in Seconds, Golang and now that I’m adding a “readfile” function to my DSL I realize just how stupid this DSL is and how much worse golang is. The facts are the facts. There is one or maybe two ways to make reading files fast… and while golang offers the capability to nest types… see the bufio and reader packages… it’s all junk!

It’s great that this person found a way to make copy fast. It’s also interesting that just a little nesting and you can sftp instead of local copy. But these things are stupid. We ALWAYS write our own macros and we always fork the macros for the special cases.

I cannot believe I’m saying this but there seems to be a use-case for BASIC.