Richard Bucker

GoLang - no make files

Posted at — Oct 13, 2013

I just read the one of the design principles of GoLang was that the authors did not want to use make files. This in itself is an honorable goal as anyone who has worked with the autotools knows. However, the one thing that I have realized is that since my project includes a code generator that is built in Go and that includes various static and dynamic artifacts as any web application does… delivering one and only one artifact is not enough and so I’m developing a number of potential strategies:Store the artifacts in a SQLite DB table and import as needed into a cacheFind a way to convert the files into code that can be compiled into the codeDeliver 3 artifacts and import on demand… a) the executable, b) the VCS repository, c) an intermediate SQLite DBI’m currently leaning toward #1 and in this way I only have to deliver the executable and the DB, however, there is an advantage to delivering the source in VCS too. This means that wherever you are there is potential to read the code when debugging.