Richard Bucker

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Posted at — May 19, 2020

I’ve been using golang for a while and I really like it. It’s not perfect but I do not need it to be perfect. I need it to work safe, secure, well, fast, and least surprise. So as the java programmers try to bully their way into the engineering process incisting on generics I’m holding my breath.

I’m watching this video from Russ Cox. And he starts…

last year

this year


modules is great. They are not finished but almost there. It’s really helping my projects build better. The eror handling will make sense and it’s going to help my code… maybe even reduce the amount of code.

While I’m far from being a google programmer I solve a different class of problem in a different timeframe. I need the code to work. But I know from experience over 35 years that generics are not useful. We seem to spend as much time importing code in and out of generics as there is nuance. The same thing happened with client/server and monolithic applications. And so on.

What I have discovered is that simple, embeddable and extensible interpreters based on real languages are better. tcl has been embedded in various firewalls and routers. lua is used in various adobe projects, and games, and routers.