Richard Bucker

Gollang package management

Posted at — Oct 26, 2013

In recent months many Geoglein aficionados have been complaining about the current state of package management system. At first I did not hold the position of my own until I read some articles from the authors of the Gollang system. As they were the experts I agreed with them more readily than some of the neophytes who were arguing for different types of package management. Now my position is basically the same however for a much different reason. Before producing a third-party library one usually puts together a set of requirements. These requirements are essentially a contract between the library provider and it’s end-users. It’s my contention that the contract should be immutable once it is stabilized. Therefore if the objective is to make the library as stable as possible and does conformant to the initial requirements as possible therefore various types of version management should be unnecessary. At this point one should meet only to fork the library or application as needed.