Richard Bucker

Good reminders for software developers, program managers, and customers

Posted at — Sep 1, 2015

It’s not that I hate Agile it’s that I hate the “Agile Process”. It is worth repeating, the Agile Process shares the same vocabulary with the Agile Manifesto but is a lot more and is filled with the bias of it’s supporters who are johnny come latelies who are in it for a buck and not your success. ¬†As soon as they find a “better way” they are going to be knocking on you checkbook again.While I have not gotten to a point where I have parity with 12-factor apps there seems to be something in the broader strokes that resonates with me. Of course this is yet another cycle (computer history repeating itself). Just as mainframes gave way to the midrange and ultimately the PC so did the frameworks that they operated in. As we dive deeper into PC development and managers want more productivity and reliability from DEV and OPS they are pointed back in the direction of frameworks. And I’m talking about the likes of JCL, CICS and so on. Currently things look like CI/CD, orchestration, configuration management, and so on… it’s just the same thing re-imagined.As the PC seems to be going the way of the mainframe as we move into the cloud, use netbook class machines and tablets… and add the discipline of frameworks… we seems to be moving toward the “internet of things”. To see that you only need to read a few articles on the arduino, raspberry pi, beagleboard, edison, cubox and so on. As these devices get smaller they are framework-less. And they too will have to be reigned in.