Richard Bucker

Google App Drive Space

Posted at — Apr 25, 2012

People have been reporting that their Google Docs account has 10GB… and they are supposing that this is on account of the upcoming Google Drive. I tried to download Google Drive but I get this youtube video to watch and a “notify me” link. And when I’m on my gmail account I see the storage meter advancing.When I first created my gmail account I had about 7GB of free space. Over the last 2 days It has grown to 9GB. I like the additional space although I recently upgraded my account so that I had 25GB storage for my docs.On the one hand you’d think that all of these applications would share the same storage; but I guess not.Now that I’m running around in circles … is Google really adding 100MB an hour to my account or is this more of an animation like a progress meter so that I get some sense that something is going on in the background as they get around to my account?I dunno…