Richard Bucker

Google cannot define SOHO

Posted at — Aug 20, 2015

Actually Google can define SOHO but it has no meaning to Google. ┬áMany years ago I registered a vanity domain for my family. Unfortunately I was not fast enough to get a .com domain as a squatter got there first. Shortly there after Google started offering Google Apps for domain users (100 users for free). I got one of those. Fast forward to the present and Google has discontinued the free Google Apps and replaced it with the not so free Google for Work.Sadly there is nothing concrete about the pricing except the per user ($5 or %10 per month)… and that there is a per device license for Chrome devices… and that there is a device console management software app that I also have to pay for; except that a Google Partner said there was a free version without being specific about the features.Originally I thought “chrome devices” meant ChromeOS in the form of Chromebox and Chromebook. Maybe a Chromebit and Chromebase too. There was also an inkling that Chromecast required a device license in order to be “managed”. However, in a response from a Google partner I now have the impression that every OSX and Windows PC may also require a device license. Which has be wondering about iOS and Android too.** and there is one caveat. If the device was purchased from Google or a Google partner then the “feature” might be included. This seems to be impossible to determine.So…pay per user (5 users)pay per ChromeOS device (7 devices)pay per Chrome instance on non-ChromeOS devices (2 OSX, 4 iOS, 1 Android)pay per Chromecast (1)pay for the Device Management ConsoleDoing the 1 year calculation on this setup I would have to write a check to Google for $950 every year. Sorry but I just paid $1300 for a Pixel 2015 i7; while it’s awesome when I’m not working from the library I have been using my Asus Chromebox MU0075 almost exclusively. Even so I would not be spending nearly $1000 for this.The kicker what when the Google Partner offered to “draft an agreement”. WTF do I need a formal agreement for? Surely I’m not the ideal customer for this Google property.If Amazon, Apple and Microsoft are listening they’ll hear:create a device that works alone in tablet and desktop mode and supports multiple monitorsThe device should boot in under 10 seconds and the applications should be sandboxed and use cloud storage for everythingcreate some stick devicesuniversal players for netflix, itunes, amazon prime, google play (the services are not creating customers they are merely me too)Or we can all wait for what’s next.