Richard Bucker

Google Chrome for iPhone FAIL

Posted at — Jul 28, 2012

<img class=“size-medium wp-image-1383 alignleft” title=“Google Tasks using Google Chrome for iPhone” src=“" alt=” width=“200” height=“300” />I was just playing with my iPhone trying to get access to my Google Tasks. This included looking for a dedicated iPhone app from the appstore as well as some solid bookmarks.When I launched my Chrome browser I was presented with a popup that recommended that I “add to home screen”. I had performed this function some months ago using the phone’s built-in Safari browser but I wanted to see if there were any plusses for using Chrome for the iPhone.Well, the popup arrived, it was was cutoff at the bottom and it was not hovering above the buttons as they do on Safari. Worse still is that I could actually save anything to the home screen.So, (a) Google’s Chrome should detect the browser and only popup when it makes sense. (b) provide some useful features for their webapps either built-in or with some other kind of plugin that enhances the experience without creating a security problem.