Richard Bucker

Google Chromebook Pixel 2 - i7

Posted at — Apr 29, 2015

My Chromebook arrived today. It was a pretty big outer box which held two dongles and the laptop (which was secured inside a second box) Essentially 3 Russian dolls.  Opening the packages was nothing special. When I finally got to the device I remarked that the origami plastic wrap reminded me of Apple.There are no external marking, that I can tell, that indicate what system it is and so I was initially unsure which CPU, RAM and SSD it was. So I found an app called system. It worked well enough to confirm it was the machine I had purchased.The next thing I did was try to install my google music play extension. Unlike the other Chrome installations I have; it did not work the way I was used to. I imagine it’s been a while since I configured it so I probably made a mistake. Right now I’m not using it.Finally I wanted to know what the battery life looked like. I have the computer propped open with the menu open and the batter indicator displayed. At first it was 8hrs and in the past 15 minutes it has ratcheted up to 14:35hrs with 100% battery left. I’m assuming that the battery indicator is adaptive although I’m not sure how they can do that accurately… but that would be for my hardware days. I’m sure there is some adaptive formula based on some reading and some sort of time series.It’s all good enough for me. In fact I like the keyboard and especially the trackpad. I have not tried the touch screen yet although I have installed the Android smartlogin feature and I like too… but it was a little tricky to install properly.  The bluetooth paring was uncooperative.UPDATE:  My 1-TB of Google Doc storage has arrived.  It was a just a simple click once I was logged in. Now I have 3 years of storage happiness awaiting me.  One interesting thing I noticed. On my Chromebook’s file manager is that I can edit files as if they were local. NICE!UPDATE: I am trying to use my Pixel exclusively today… and I noticed a few things:running a secondary monitor works great. Some of the foibles seem to be related to the second display.the battery is running low and I’m not getting the 12 hours I expected. Which could be related to playing music to my Bluetooth speaker and the second display.