Richard Bucker

Google Classroom

Posted at — May 24, 2020

Since I am not an educator with access to an edu domain I have to go with what I see and read. Recently I read an article bby an educator who was critical of google’s classroom project. He seemed to drone on and on about how google missed the mark.

In the window of hintsite it’s hard to know whether google’s invesetment in the classroom was intentional or unintentional. Did they build or buy the app for some increment of eyeballs or were they sincere in helping the classroom function.

One challenge I have already seen in the wake of home schooling is that the classroom model changes with the age, subject and even the teacher. One thing for certain is that educators want to be the master of their domain… and they also need to optimize their classroom in order to get some happiness out of the process… being an educator is a difficult job, under appreciated and underpaid.

So what’s the next move for google?

Seems to me…. nothing. or buy another platform. or spend money and fix the one they have.