Richard Bucker

Google Computer Engine to the rescue

Posted at — Sep 23, 2014

I have a server instance hosted on the GCE platform. The GCE offers some really nice services and I’ve only scratched the surface. When I created my GCE instance I wrote all my notes down on my iCloud notepad… and thankfully all of my notes are still there. Sadly my MacBook Air crashed and required a new hard drive. As a result I lost some notes that were in text files and not cloud-ified.Fast-forward a few months and I want to deploy another instance but since I use etcd I have no idea what the UUID is or the various mount points. (when a system instance shares a drive it is converted to RO instead of RW.) And while I have my notes I cannot be 100% certain I have the correct config.Enter gcloud; I updated my GCE SDK and and issued the command: $ gcloud compute instances describe pcore1And voila. I have the exact metadata I used to create the first system. Now I should be able to edit it for the additional instances and move on.