Richard Bucker

Google Doc - resume templates

Posted at — Oct 5, 2011 has a career advice column and recently they pointed me to Google Doc for their excellent resume templates. With anticipation I clicked on “public templates”, then searched for “resume”. I quickly scrolled to the bottom to see the number of matches… “1-20 of thousands”.  So I was getting the idea that I was going to see some cool templates.I was very premature. Before I had a chance to click on “next” to advance to the next page of templates I started to notice that the templates had personal information in them. As I continued to the bottom of the page and on to the second page there were more and more resumes of real people.I cannot decide whether these are real or fake. Did these people save “as template” on purpose or accident? And depending on what their answer is, are they people I would hire. Clearly the first personal resume that was posted should be rewarded for individual creativity… but what about #2 and beyond?  Now they have just filled the system with loads of junk and all of this creativity is now seen as a “me too”.Hold that thought as I upload my resume as a template.I’m back now.  Have a nice day and if you have a moment please review my resume.