Richard Bucker

Google Drive - cannot sign in

Posted at — Apr 25, 2012

I’ve been having trouble signing into my Google Drive and I finally figured it out.(a) Google started updating my account several hours ago. Or maybe not. Anyway, I went to and signed up for notification. I assume that maybe this put me on a list somewhere.(b) I finally received my invitation and a link to download and install google drive desktop app. And so I did.(c) When I launched Google Drive… (1) it took a while to load and to show up on the task switcher. (2) when the login screen was displayed the account/email address was pre-filled and I only had to enter my password.However, no matter what I entered the screen never processed my password. I tried downloading a fresh copy and then re-installing it. Sadly that had no effect.There was a HELP link on the login screen. When I clicked on it my network monitoring program, little snitch, complained that an app was trying to access the network. What caught my attention was that there were some video artifacts that suggested that there was something shared between Google Drive and Google Chrome.(d) I quit google Chrome(e) restarted Google Drive and was able to signin(f) restarted Google Chrome.Now everything is working well. I’m not certain what happened… My intuition suggests that there must have been a shared library or install file that collided. Anyway it’s syncing now.